Mixer Service Element Pro

Simple operation of mixers

With the Mixer Service Element Pro, or MSE Pro, the operation of mixers from various manufacturers, in cylindrical concrete tanks with a wall height of up to 12 meters, is effortless.

Benefits at a glance


Quick manual adjustment of the mixer


Integration without interfering with the enclosed membrane roof


Hydraulic drive enables use in the gas storage space


Reliable location of the mixer position with use of sensors


Robust stainless-steel construction

MSE Pro Features

Schaubild MSE PRO - Rührtechnik

Protective guard for membrane roofs

Swivel unit with hydraulic drive

Height adjustment with hydraulic drive for accommodation of the square guide shaft (accessory)

Bracket with fastening elements

Wall opening with annular space seal for cables and hydraulic lines, installed above the liquid level


Simple control for effective mixing

With the help of this external operating unit, you can easily rotate your mixer to the left and right or adjust its height. The clearance distance of approximately 1.80m from the tank wall allows flow paths behind the mixer to be optimized. An ideally mixed tank is the result.

The option to control mixers from outside of the tank, without having to integrate it in membrane roofs, can be a good alternative to Anaergia’s Service Box for many plant operators. The mixer position can be determined reliably at any time with the sensors, and the hydraulic drive enables unproblematic use in the gas storage space. With the elevated MSE Pro, the liquid level in the tank only has to be lowered slightly or not at all for maintenance purpose. That saves time and money!

Two-finger operation
You want to change the position of the mixer? No problem! Thanks to the hydraulic control unit that’s super easy. Levers on the control block can be used to adjust the height and to rotate the mixer to the left and the right.

A version with separate controls is also available as an alternative to the combined hydraulic control unit. With this option, the hydraulic unit can be installed at the bottom of the tank. The control unit can then be installed on a shelf near the viewing window at the top of the tank. The position of the control unit can be adjusted to the local site conditions with various adjusting valves.


Combined hydraulic control unit

Hydraulic control unit MSE PRO

Geteilte Einheit
Geteilte Einheit

Separated Version

  • Control unit MSE PRO
  • Hydraulic unit MSE PRO
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