Servicebox Classic

Safe. Reliable. Maintenance Friendly.

With the Service Box Classic for anaerobic digesters and feedstock storage tanks with concrete or membrane roofs, operation of mixers is child’s play. Rotating the mixer to the left and right or adjusting the height is done from outside the tank, thanks to the height adjustment winch.

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Benefits at a glance


Extended operating times with quick access for maintenance tasks


Suitable for tanks with concrete or membrane roofs and for mixers with diameters of up to Ø940mm (37inch)


Over/underpressure safety device for up to 5mbar overpressure and -1.3mbar underpressure


Adjustment unit for operation of mixers and inspection through viewing window


Robust stainless steel design

Servicebox Classic Features

Schaubild Servicebox Classic - Rührtechnik

Height adjustment and square guide tube mounting bracket

Viewing window

Integrated valve box for underpressure safety

Robust stainless steel construction

Removable front lid

Opening for mixer power and control cord

Internal valve box for overpressure safety with discharge stack

The position and angle of the mixer can be inspected at any time with the integrated viewing window. The optional integrated over/underpressure safety device provides reliable protection of the tank. In addition, use of the Service Box Classic patented gas lock seal enables safe digester maintenance without methane emissions.

General mixer maintenance can be completed on-site by lifting the mixer until it is inside the Service Box and, after removal of the front lid, rotating it to the outside. That saves money and, of course, valuable time!

Service Box Classic
Service Box Classic
Service Box Classic

Experience flexibility

  • Use of mixers from various manufacturers with a propeller diameter of up to 940mm
  • Installation in tanks with concrete roofs or even with membrane roofs (17° to 35° angle) possible
Servicebox mit Einbaurahmen
Service Box with installation frame
Servicebox mit Einbaurahmen

Uncompromising safety

  • Integrated and frost-proof over/underpressure safety device for up to 5mbar overpressure and -1.3mbar underpressure
  • Integrated biogas connection flange
  • Spare instrument connections
  • Standard biogas component certified by the German TÜV-SÜD
Serviceboxfür Foliendachmit 35° Neigung
Service Box for membrane roof with 35° angle
Serviceboxfür Foliendachmit 35° Neigung

Quicker and easier maintenance

  • Service opening for maintenance tasks provides quick access while maintaining safety
  • Minimize biogas loss
  • Integrated viewing glass for quick inspection of the tank interior

Retrofits made easy

The Service Box Classic is ideal for installations in all anaerobic digesters and feedstock conditioning tanks with solid concrete and steel roofs and even direct integration into membrane roofs. The standard squre pipe has a cross-section of 150 x 150mm (6inch x 6inch) and can be delivered in lengths of up to 12m (40feet). This makes it possible to integrate the Service Box Classic into a wide range of biogas plants or wastewater treatment plant anaerobic digesters. Hundreds of plants in Europe and around the world already benefit from the advantages of the Service Box. These benefits include the integrated over/underpressure safety device and the convenient service opening for mixer maintenance and recovery without biogas discharge or hazardous tank entry. As an alternative to our Service Box Classic, our Service Box Pro offers even greater comfort for assembly and maintenance tasks with more space and better accessibility to the mixer.

Our extras

For even greater comfort

There are various attachments and accessories available for the Service Box Classic. They can be optionally configured individually or as a package.

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