Outstanding Organics Cleaning

CleanREX is a dynamic cyclone that thoroughly and efficiently cleans pre-treated organic manure and slurries from a wide range of different waste flows. The innovative system achieves peak outputs of up to 30t/h and a total solids percentage of >25%, depending on the model and parameters of the input material.

Benefits at a glance


Rotor with wear-resistant Hardox paddles; interchangeable Hardox sieve inserts


High-quality, frequency-controlled electric motors with V-belt drive; drive output of 37kW or 55kW (depending on the model)


Maximum speeds for best separating results


Optimal accessibility and maintenance via side inspection hatches and removable cover


Control unit with intelligent safety functions actively prevents damage to the system


Simple adaption of the machine parameters to the material and application

CleanRex Features

Schaubild CleanRex - Separationstechnik


Drive Cover

Inlet port

Outlet port

Cleaning water supply

Cleaning water supply

Dilution water supply

Upper inspection hatch

Lower inspection hatch

Sieve inserts

Clean. Cleaner. CleanREX.

The CleanREX cleans all damp, organic materials without compromise. Whether it is processing household waste, restaurant/kitchen waste or sludge, the CleanREX provides outstanding cleaning results and guaranteed smooth operation.

Maximum purity

  • Purity of > 99% for floating material satisfies even the strictest composting requirements
  • Operation with total solids percentage of > 25% and a low dilution requirement enables direct feed of the discharged organic material into the composting system or digester

Safe and flexible use

  • Large selection of sieve inserts enables adaptation to the widest range of material parameters for maximum purity
  • Simple adjustment of the speed with frequency regulation
  • Trouble-free expandability of the system, e.g. with the Mix-Tank for regulated loading

Well-considered design

  • Balanced rotor with Hardox paddles
  • Interchangeable Hardox sieve inserts for minimal wear
  • Integrated fan optimizes the extraction of plastic, foils and fibrous material
  • Active cleaning of the sieve inserts with integrated sprinkler system for optimal organic material extraction

Innovative control unit for fully-automatic, fault-free operation

Our control unit was developed in-house and enables precise monitoring and control of the installed drive. Thanks to an integrated frequency controller, the speeds of the rotor can be adapted perfectly to the material. That makes the CleanREX very flexible with respect to output, for both organic material extraction and purity. In combination with the load monitoring of the drive, the system controls the supply of the product automatically and ensures continuous material flow without faults and damage to the key operating components.

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