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Maximize separation rates with intelligent technology

For more than ten years, Anaergia Technologies has been developing and manufacturing filter screw press (FSP) separators that provide consistently high separation and throughput performance with a very long service life. Additionally, with high quality standards and innovative detailed solutions, there is a very low maintenance requirement for the unit. With our wide range of models, we can go over your individual requirements and offer you a solution that best suits your application, whether for agriculture or industry.

Benefits at a glance


Durable cast iron (FSP B) or stainless steel (FSP A) housing


High separation and throughput performance with low energy consumption and wear


Drive adapter protects the gear unit


Quick access options for maintenance work


Wide range of models enables versatile use

Separator FSP Features

Schaubild Separator - Separationstechnik

Discharge controller with discharge flaps and guiding pin

Press housing with press screen

Filter screen basket


Filter discharge

Base frame

Drive adapter

Drive unit

Maintenance opening

Inlet housing

Screen housing with guide rails

Double hinge

Uncompromising quality

The foldable quick-release press housing offers quick access to the screen and screw, while the inspection openings in the inlet and screen housing make cleaning and maintenance work quick and easy. The screw press used in our separators has tungsten carbide cladding. This makes it extremely hard, precise and wear-resistant. The fibre cutting function upstream from the screen area ensures that long fibrous materials are unable to cause clogging.

A unique technology

Product features of our separators

Trennung von Filter- und Pressbereich
Trennung von Filter- und Pressbereich

Separation of filter and press area

  • Maximization of capacity
  • Minimization of wear
  • Prevention of screen damage
Klappbares Pressgehäuse mit Schnellverschluss
Klappbares Pressgehäuse mit Schnellverschluss

Folding press housing

  • Quick access to the screen and screw
  • Without excessive physical effort
Pressschnecke mit Wolframcarbid-Panzerung
Pressschnecke mit Wolframcarbid-Panzerung

Screw press with tungsten carbide cladding

  • Stability
  • Maximum precision
  • Extremely high wear resistance
Revisionsöffnungen in Einlauf- und Siebgehäuse
Revisionsöffnungen in Einlauf- und Siebgehäuse

Inspection openings in the inlet and screen housing

  • Quick access to the screen surface
  • Screw connection with disassembly of the supply line
Antriebsadapter mit Gleitringdichtung und Sperrkammer
Antriebsadapter mit Gleitringdichtung und Sperrkammer

Drive adapter with slide ring seal and sealed chamber

No gear damage due to penetration of water or application of axial forces

Faserschneidefunktion vor Eintritt in Siebbereich
Faserschneidefunktion vor Eintritt in Siebbereich

Fibre cutting function before entry into the screen region

No clogging due to long fibrous material

Areas of application for our separators

FSP A Separator

Stainless steel separator series for industry and high-performance agriculture

  • Paper, pulp and wood-processing industry (e.g. MDF):
    Dewatering of pulp, rejected fine mateiral and fibrous sludges, as well as fibre extraction from wastewater and process water
  • Food industry:
    Fruit and vegetable processing, dewatering of distiller’s wash and mash, wastewater and waste treatment
  • Meat processing industry:
    Slaughter waste, stomach and intestinal content, wastewater
  • Recycling of plastics:
    Separation of waste, cleaning of wastewater and circulation water

FSP B Separator

Attractive, affordable version made of cast iron particularly for agricultural applications

  • Separation of cattle, pig and poultry liquid manure
  • Separation of digestate from biogas plants to reduce the storage volume (10-30%)
  • Separator as a first step in a complete digestate processing plant

Bedding Separators

Series of especially powerful separators to produce bedding material for dairy farming

  • Cost-effective in-house production of dry bedding material from cattle manure
  • Increased lying comfort and better udder health
  • Easier distribution of separated manure (liquid phase) and increased capacity in the manure storage
Model range   Values dependent on the input
FSP Model Digestate / Cattle Manure Liquid Pig Manure
  Throughput Total Solids (%) Throughput Total Solids (%)
FSP A & B-52/10 10-25m³/h 22-25% 18-30m³/h 25-35%
FSP A & B-52/15 10-25m³/h 22-28% 18-30m³/h 25-40%
FSP A & B-78/10 15-35m³/h 22-25% 25-45m³/h 25-35%
FSP A & B-78/15 15-35m³/h 22-28% 25-45m³/h 25-40%
FSP A-104/15 25-45m³/h 22-28% 35-60m³/h 25-40%
FSP A & B-52/15 Bedding 5-10m³/h 30-35%    
FSP A & B-78/15 Bedding 8-15m³/h 33-40%    

Need more information?

We are happy to provide an individual design for your project through the use of a mass, nutrient, and cost balance. Upon request, we can also take care of the complete separator installation for you, including the platform, control unit, pipeline installation, pumps, fittings and sensors.

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