SSD Sludge Screw Dewaterer

Dewater. Separate. Filter.

The Sludge Screw Dewaterer (SSD) offers an optimal solution for dewatering sludge, manure, and digestate in municipal and industrial applications. Our durable and easy-to-operate SSD sludge dewaterer is available in two sizes and stands out due to its continuous operation modes, low maintenance costs, and low energy consumption.

Benefits at a glance


Low wear and maintenance costs, reduced polymer consumption with dynamic inline mixer


High separation and dewatering performance with very low energy consumption

Quiet & clean

Minimal noise and odour


Fully-automatic continuous operation


Adaption to various media and conditions is possible

SSD Features

Schaubild SSD - Separationstechnik


Pneumatic back-pressure device

Dewatered solids discharge

Base frame with filtrate tank


Flange with filtrate drain

Screen baskets

Connection for spray nozzles

Drive unit and bearing


Moving spray nozzles

Runs and runs and runs

SSD as central component in sludge treatment

  • Throughput of up to 15m3/h or 325kg TSS*/h (SSD 225) and for up to 50m3/h or 1160kg TSS/h (SSD 400)
  • Continuous operation / high availability with non-clogging slotted screen baskets and uninterrupted cleaning process using an integrated spray cleaning system

*Total Suspended Solids

Well-considered design

  • Innovative wipers prevent clogging of the screen slots
  • Pneumatically operating spray device with flat jet nozzles arranged in a circle around the screen area
  • High-quality bearing and seal unit
  • Closed housing ensures hygienic operation

Experience flexibility

  • Interchangeable slotted screen segments enable adaption of the dewatering performance for various media
  • Optional polymerization reactor and/or dynamic inline mixer for reliable and efficient flocculation
  • Total solids percentage of cake is adjustable with pneumatic back-pressure device

How the SSD works

The flow diagram below shows the individual steps of our preparation technology:

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SSD Sludge Screw Dewaterer - Separation

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