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RIPTOR®. The (R)Evolution in Bag Opening.

The RIPTOR® shows its versatility by opening and emptying outer packaging material with an opening rate of > 98% for waste bags and small packages >=3liters. With a bulk weight of 350kg/m3 , delivery rates of up to 65t/h are possible, depending on the model of the RIPTOR and on the parameters of the input material. This machine’s innovative and robust design combines the functionality of a classic bag opener with the power of a shredder.

Benefits at a glance


Bearings and drives outside of the drum prevent damage to the drive system


Power consumption between 10kW and 50kW (depending on the model)


Maximum power transfer at low speeds


Easy accessibility and maintenance via hydraulic front door


Control unit with intelligent safety functions actively prevents material ragging and blockage


Simple adaptation of the machine parameters to the material and application

The Powerhouse

Efficient and forceful. For maximum opening rates.

RIPTOR Features

Schaubild Riptor - Zerkleinerungstechnik

Drum with durable, wear-resistant teeth

Hydraulic front door, incl. counter teeth

Lifting eyes

Fill level sensor

Drive unit, incl. electric motor, planetary gears and bearings

Opening of packaged waste

  • Efficient tearing of waste bags and small packages to open without shredding or cutting them; opening rates of > 98%
  • Optimal preparation of the input material, e.g. by emptying outer packaging, for further processing in the line


  • Continuous and controlled feeding of the material into the line
  • Optimization of separation/sorting results due to the continuous feeding of the discharged material to downstream equipment
  • Easy adaptation of output, opening rates and grain size

Processing of large extraneous material

  • Chopping of extraneous material in the input material effectively prevents blockage and damage to the system

Safe and flexible use

  • Efficient monitoring and control of the drive: temperature, power consumption, speed, torque
  • Intelligent sensors to monitor the fill level in the loading hopper and the layer height on the drum
  • Manual maintenance mode
  • Labyrinth seal for the drum prevents contamination and damage of the bearings due to coarse dirt; no fire hazard due to friction on the sides of the drum

Uncompromising. Flexible. Durable.

In addition to its primary area of application, which is the opening and emptying of waste bags and small packages, the RIPTOR can also be used in applications with large extraneous material in waste flows.

Waste bags

Input Abfall
Output Abfall

Tractor Tires

Tractor tires
Output Input Landwirtschaftsreifen

Box spring mattresses

Input Federkernmatratzen
Output Federkernmatratzen


Input Paletten
Output Paletten

Paper bales

Input Papierballen
Output Papierballen
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