Service Hotline

Keeping everything running smoothly for you!

We know that reliable service is essential for a fault-free operation of your plant. When you call us, you’ll get someone who knows what you are talking about and who is able to give you answers or develop solutions with you.

You can always reach us by phone. Not only during our office hours, but also on Sundays and public holidays via our on-call service.

Service Hotline: +49 (0)8082 948400

If you need help on site, no matter where you are, we will send a service engineer out right away. That engineer will have many years of practical experience and also have undergone constant training with us in technology, occupational safety (TRHS 529) and welding (stainless steel, PE).

We promise to solve your problem quickly and reliably. If not, perhaps because the cause is of a process biology nature, for example, then we can call on reliable partners from our service network to step in.

You can also send us your inquiry via email

Little hint:

Save our service team’s contact number in your mobile phone:
+49 (0)8082 948400