A new approach to recycling and resource recovery

Technology used in the industry needs to be up for special challenges. Powerful, robust, and durable are just a few of many important attributes that are essential for products used in industrial applications.

For many years, the experienced team of Anaergia Technologies has developed flexible machines that are able to deal with versatile materials and applications. Next to innovative features, safety and maximal user-friendliness are on top of our priority list.

Our stainless-steel separator FSP-A is used in the paper, pulp and wood-processing industry for the dewatering of pulp, rejected fine material and fibrous sludges, as well as fibre extraction from wastewater and process water. Other areas of application of our products are the food industry, the meat processing industry, and the recycling of plastics.

As diverse as the applications may be, we have the right products and teams to find individual solutions for your requirements.

Products for Industrial Applications

from Anaergia Technologies

Separator FSP


SSD Sludge Screw Dewaterer


SST Sludge Screw Thickener


Pump Technology

Pump Technology