PSM Submersible Mixer

A revolution in mixing

The PSM submersible mixer is the most innovative mixing technology currently available on the markt. The powerful, gearless direct drive combined with the dynamic mixer controller delivers a mixing system that gets the most out of the energy it consumes. Depending on the initial situation, CO2 and electrical savings of 50 % or more can be realized. New: PSM-1200 for an even better thrust in high dry matter content substrates.

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Benefits at a glance


Average power input of 3 kW – 11 kW*


High torque motor with full power (up to 800 Nm) even at low speeds (between 80 rpm and 150 rpm)


DMC control unit regulates everything automatically


ATEX and Cl. I, Div. 1 approved


Gearless drive, high-quality components


Electrical savings potential of up to 50 %

*specified values depend on the medium

Which PSM Mixer Blade Suits your Plant?

The PSM submersible mixer is available with three different blade sizes: 940, 1200 and 1500 mm diameter. Each blade size has its own strengths and can develop its full potential in different installations. Please send us an email if you would like to discuss which blade size is best for your biogas plant.

Differences PSM Mixer Blades
Differences PSM Mixer Blades


  • For mixing of solids / substrates with medium dry matter content
  • GSuitable for use in Newtonian (water-like viscosity) as well as viscous fluids
  • Creates a turbulent flow due to the higher speed and geometry of the mixer blade


  • For mixing substrates with a medium to high dry matter content
  • The geometry of the mixer blade is designed for thrust development in viscous and highly viscous fluids
  • Generates a higher volume flow than the PSM-940 at a lower speed due to the mixer blade geometry


  • For mixing substrates with a low dry matter content
  • Suitable for use in low-viscosity fluids
  • Lower speed than the PSM-940, but also a higher volume flow due to the blade geometry

PSM Features

Schaubild PSM - Rührtechnik

State-of-the-art drive technologyPowerful direct drive without gear unit

Robust housing with reinforced suspension

Dedicated high thrust bearings independent of motor roller bearings

Optimized 3D propeller

2 independent liquid seals prevent nuisance alarms and eliminate frequent maintenance. The first barrier is a pair of lip seals with flushless mechanical seal as a secondary protection

The 3D blade geometry has been designed, improved and optimized to perfection with an ideal ratio of shear force and fluid flow. The result is consistently mixed digesters and bioreactors with maximum gas yield.

Start saving now

Decreased mixing time and reduced energy consumption due to controlled speed and torque of your PSM mixer result in a savings potential of up to 50 %. The powerful PSM mixer can generate a shearing force of up to 5.3 kN, which enables you to switch over to lower cost substrates with high dry matter content, such as grass or manure. Additionally, the geometry of the mixer blades ensures optimum flows to achieve gentle metabolic/gas exchange processes for the bacteria and uniform mixing of the entire fermenter. This results in significantly higher gas yields.

DMC Steuerungseinheit
DMC Steuerungseinheit

Intelligent mixing

The DMC (Dynamic Mixer Controller) is our control unit developed exclusively for the PSM mixer. It expands the possibility of the PSM and takes full advantage of output power and energy consumption. The DMC regulates the PSM according to the operator’s needs or the requirements of the mixing application. This all takes place fully automatically without intervention by the operator. Additionally, the DMC outputs data and allows for insightful understanding of the mixing process.


PSM + Service Box

We offer custom mixing equipment and installation solutions for the PSM submersible mixer. Our Service Box Classic and Service Box Pro are equipped with an integrated mixer post pivoting bracket and a gas lock service opening to mention just a few of advantages. With the Service Box you can adjust the height of the mixer any time or rotate it to the left and right in order to mix the content of the entire tank.

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