Pump Technology

Transport. Chop. Agitate.

Pumps have been a part of our core assortment for almost thirty years. Our robust models are all designed so that they do what they are supposed to, even under the most difficult of conditions: pump, pump, pump.

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Benefits at a glance


Delivery rates of up to 300m3/h (3000 series) or 360m3/h (4000 series) and a maximum pressure of 4.5 bar (4000 series)


Numerous configuration possibilities, adapted to individual requirements


Unsusceptible to foreign objects or dry runs


Resistant to clogging thanks to effective cutting performance, among other features


Sturdy cast iron and steel construction

Anaergia Technologies
Anaergia Technologies

More than just a pump

In order to be able to transport especially thick and fibrous media in a safe and controlled manner, such as slurry or digestate in biogas plants, our pumps (4000 series) also tear and cut. Based on their design, our pumps are unsusceptible to foreign objects, feature impressively low maintenance expenses, and minimize life cycle costs with an extremely low failure probability. This is thanks to the multi-bearing drive shafts running in an oil bath, the shaft slide-ring seal with an oil vessel for protection against dry runs, as well as the special housing that is resistant to clogging.

Pump Features

Schaubild Pumptechnik

Drive shaft

Bearing with seal


Floor stop

Pump housing

Outlet with square flange (horizontal/vertical)

Drive shaft

Bearing with seal

Intake auger with impeller

Intake cage with cutting edges

Pump housing

Outlet with square flange (horizontal/vertical)

Anaergia Technologies pump series are available with various drive types and can also be used with large tank depths. Configuration always takes place on an individual basis according to the requirements of the relevant application. In doing so, we ensure that the selected pump not only delivers the optimal output, but also provides an impressive service life.

Applications for the 3000 and 4000 series


Slurry technology, mobile and stationary pump systems, biogas plants

Wastewater & sewage treatment plants

Faecal sludge, digestate sludge, primary sludge

Food industry

Vegetable processing, slaughterhouses

Wide-ranging designs. Constant performance.


Long-shaft pumps

The extended drive shaft makes it possible to position the pump body on the bottom of the tank. The motor and operating lever are easily accessible outside of the tank for easy operation and electrical maintenance. Additionally, a mixing nozzle can be integrated into the standpipe (pressure side) to mix the substrate before it is pumped.


Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are distinguished by their compact design. The motor is submerged with the pump housing and can be lowered and raised on a rope using a guide pipe. In addition to a hoisting device, we recommend installation with a base frame and snap-on claws.

Direkteinbau in Rohrleitung
Direkteinbau in Rohrleitung

Installation directly in the pipeline

In this case, the pump is directly integrated into the pipeline. This ensures especially efficient delivery of the substrate as long as a free flow of substrate is provided. This type of pump is particularly advantageous for drum filling stations.

Zentrale Pumpstation
Zentrale Pumpstation

Central Pump Station

The central pump station (ZPS) distributes media between the tanks of a biogas plant quickly and efficiently. It is ideally located in a building arranged centrally between the tanks. Then the pump station is connected to each tank with the appropriate pipelines. The pump paths can be adjusted flexibly with suitable knife gate valves.

Additional advantage: High throughputs ensure that relatively little time is needed for pumping substrate from e.g. the digester to a secondary digester or storage tank of your biogas plant.

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