Slurry Treatment System

The NRScompact is a fully automatic, cost-optimized, and complete system for the mechanical separation of solids and nutrients from liquid pig manure and digestate, providing an opportunity to meet the requirements of potential fertilizer regulations. The system comes with a separator, all necessary pumps, tanks, sensors, and a fully automatic control unit.

The solids separated from raw manure or digestate is especially rich in nutrients and can be optimally used as an energy source in biogas plants or as natural fertilizer in regions with low amounts of farm manure. Further drying and thermal utilization is also possible.


Benefits at a glance


Complete treatment system mounted on space-saving frame


Very high separation capacity (achievable separation rates: phosphate > 98%, total solids > 80%, volatile solids > 85%, nitrogen > 50%), throughput up to 4m3/h


Sensor-supported monitoring and safety shut-off, as well as collection tray for preparation and dosing station


Fully automatic operation


Separation of various media possible in multiple installation locations

NRScompact features

Schaubild NRSCompact - Separationstechnik

Closing strip (water/polymer)

Feed pump

Flow meter

Filtrate tank with discharge pump

Inline mixer for polymer

Preparation tank for polymer with mixer

Sampling point

Collection tray


Inlet flange

Control and operator cabinet

Pressure control

FSP-B Separator 78/15

Recirculation pump

Solids discharge

Polymer dosing pump

Our solution for nutrient problems

  • Nutrient reduction for fertilizer regulation requirements: Through the separation process, nutrients are transferred into the solid phase in order to significantly reduce the nutrient load in the liquid phase
  • Flexible use: Used for the treatment of liquid pig manure for livestock facilities holding up to 20,000 feeding pigs and/or for the treatment of digestate, including the option to change location of equipment
  • Nutrient-rich solid phase: The solid phase, with a total solids (TS) percentage of > 25%, is particularly high in nutrients
  • Ideal basis for further processing: Drying, thermal utilization, etc.
  • Low operating costs: Low energy consumption of the overall system at approx. 6kWel

How the NRScompact functions

The separation of liquid manure takes place after passing through a flocculation system. For this purpose, diluted flocculant is mixed intensively into the liquid manure by an integrated polymer preparation and dosing station that includes a dynamic inline mixer. Optionally, micro-flocs can be generated in advance in an upstream step with an iron(III) dosing unit and a mixing cyclone.

This mass and nutrient balance, for example, depicts the distribution of solids and nutrient loads in the solid and liquid phase.

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