Resource Recovery

Key pillar on our way to protect the environment and increase sustainability

One important pillar of our corporate philosophy is to understand waste as a valuable resource. You will therefore find a range of optimally harmonized products for the efficient recovery of resources from food waste at Anaergia Technologies.

Anaergia Technologies
Anaergia Technologies

Starting with a bag opener that opens and empties outer packaging material with an opening rate of >98%, to screens and high-pressure extrusion presses that reliably separate organic and inorganic material – at Anaergia Technologies you will find innovative technology with robust designs to maximize resource recovery from virtually any waste stream.


Anaergia Technologies
Anaergia Technologies

We offer you robust machines that are flexible in terms of input material as well as individual applications, and therefore enable an interruption-free operation. Naturally, our products are equipped with sophisticated safety functions – combined with maximum user-friendliness.  

Intelligent waste management and the efficient use of resources are increasing in importance as the amount of waste produced in the world is constantly increasing. Anaergia Technologies supports you in the recovery of resources and makes it an attractive win-win situation at the same time: valuable raw materials, conservation of resources, and protection of the environment.

Products for Resource Recovery

from Anaergia Technologies

Size Reduction RIPTOR®



Screening & Sorting